VI Vintage Diving Meeting & III International Underwater Cameras Meeting | Guitart Hotels

Do you dive and are curious about their history? This is your chance to try out and enjoy your vintage diving equipment (or those of your family and friends) with people who know them well and will help you, ask how or where to fix them and maybe try them out if you have enough expertise.

From 16 to 18 September 2022, the III International Underwater Cameras Meeting organised by BUCAM will be held for the first time in Lloret de Mar, where collectors of retro underwater cameras from around the world will be able to take part in conferences, exhibitions and the sale and purchase and exchange of pieces of incalculable historical value.

Take part in the 6th Vintage Diving Conference co-organised by the HDSES, where lovers of the History of Diving will be able to take part in diving sessions on Sa Caleta beach and attend exhibitions, conferences and film and documentary screenings in the Palas Atenea room of the Hotel Guitart Central Park in Lloret de Mar.

In addition, the Dr. Ernest Adler Award will be presented for the best Vintage 2022 photography. It was in the waters of Sa Caleta that Dr. Ernest Adler built his watertight photography and film boxes, which enabled him to shoot the first amateur film images on the Costa Brava around 1945.

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